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      Indianapolis, IN

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      Let us help you plan your estate

      Attorney at Law

      Randall R. Shouse

          ? Wills

          ? Trusts

          ? Probate

          ? Adoptions

          ? Guardianship

          ? Powers of attorney

          ? Healthcare representation

      We also practice family law, so if your situation includes a divorce, custody disputes, or other family law issues, you can count on us for guidance.

      Over 30 years of experience

      in financial law, criminal defense, and family law

      Let us help you make sure your family is cared for in the manner that YOU prefer. Call today to plan your estate.

      Is your family secure?

      It's never too soon to plan ahead

      What would happen to your family if something happened to you tomorrow? Would they be cared for in the way that you prefer? Would your assets pass to them in the manner of your choosing? With solid estate planning, you can make these decisions now.

      Attorney at Law

      Michael Langlois

      You can rely on us to draw up the legal documents necessary for planning your estate. Determining who inherits your assets or raises your children should be your decision, not something decided by state law and a random judge. Put your mind at ease by securing your family's future today.

      For personalized service at reasonable rates,

      call today

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