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      Indianapolis, IN

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      Get the legal representation you need

      Attorney at Law

      Randall R. Shouse

          ? Felonies

          ? Misdemeanors

          ? DUI and DWI

          ? Traffic tickets

          ? Moving violations

          ? Probation violations

          ? Assault and battery

      Criminal charges often have severe consequences for your finances and your family. Let us help you protect what's most valuable to you with our family law and financial law services.

      Over 30 years of experience

      in financial law, criminal defense, and family law

      If you're facing criminal charges, our legal representation can help you make the best defense possible.

      Are you facing charges?

      Are you facing arrest or criminal charges?

      Even if you've only been implicated in a crime without being formally charged, you should know your rights when you are dealing with the police or other legal officials. They have a skilled legal team on their side, and you should prepare yourself just as well as they have.

      Attorney at Law

      Michael Langlois

      When you call us, you get a legal team with decades of practice in criminal law. We'll look at your case, consider your legal options, and represent your interests in the courtroom.

      For personalized service at reasonable rates,

      call today

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